Our Pastor

Pastor Elias Otieno Oguro      

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Elias Oguro was the 6th child born to his father. His mother was the 6th wife of his father’s 6 wives. He was the 6th child among the 4 boys and 2 girls of his father. His mother died from complications from child birth 3 months after Elias was born. Elias’ mother was just 12years old when she married Elias’s father who was 45 when they married.She gave birth to 6 children 3 years apart.   

    Elias’s oldest sister was the first born. She wasn’t able to finish her high school because their step-mother had “grubbed” all of their fathers wealth he had acquired as a land surveyor in Nairobi. All 6children would have the same issues.    

Their father had amassed sizeable wealth as a surveyor in his time.When Elias was just a year old his father died, leaving all 6 children to the care of his 5th wife, who had no children of her own. His older step-brothers and sister went into the city and transferred all of their fathers residential buildings and businesses into their names, the other brothers and sisters were too young to do anything about it.    

    After his mother died his step-mother took him and filled his mouth and nose with dirt and threw into the grass and pretended she had gone to the river to fetch water, and left him in the thick grass to die, but God sent an old man who was tending to his flock. As the old man was tending to his flock he heard a noise in the brush. He picked up the child, who was face down and found worms had eaten his face pretty bad,so he carried the child to Ombo Mission Hospital.    

    The hospital was a Catholic Mission Hospital were the nuns served as nurses and the priests as doctors. Elias was raised here until he was 5 years old and, after his fathers home had been located, he was returned and reintegrated into his fathers home. By the time he was returned to his fathers home, all of his siblings had escaped to Nairobi hoping their step-brothers would consider sharing their fathers wealth.All of them had undergone the cruelty of their stepmother.    

Now Elias was faced with life, somehow by the grace of God he managed to complete elementary school and qualified to go to a National School, but funds would not allow him. After suffering for awhile, he decided he would go to Nairobi and search for his siblings and see if they might help him with school. When he arrived in Nairobi the city was huge, and he was unable to locate his siblings, which left him on the street for 3 years and 7 months, until he was 13 years old.

     One rainy evening Elias saw a white man who’s car had died in the rain. Elias’s kind heart led him to help the man push the car in the rain. Elias tattered and not wanting the man to notice him pushed from the other side of the car. Elias did not know that the man, Peter Daino,had been watching him through the rear view mirror. Later, in the same week, Elias went to a missionary center in Eastley to look for help and ran into Peter Daino again. Peter accepted to adopt Elias and take care of him, this is how Elias was able to get through his high school education.

    After high school, many things happened for Elias. When he was 23 years old, God began calling Elias into ministry. He served first as a youth leader and then as a youth pastor. When he was 36 years old he was ordained as the Administration Pastor at Emmanuel Victorious Mission in Nairobi. Pastor Elias served for 5 years until 2010 when God called to go into full time ministry in Kakrao Village, 9 hours from Niarobi. Pastor Elias resigned as Administrative Pastor and from his paying job as a teacher and bought the small facility with his savings were he operates the Emmanuel Victorious Mission Orphanage.